Choosing an Agent Most Suited to Your Needs.....

A real estate agent will be the person helping you achieve the sale of your home.

This professional's connections, local market knowledge and real estate expertise will all play an important part in this process.

Therefore, it's crucial you choose an agent who is most suited to your requirements and will help you get the sales results you desire in the shortest time possible.

To ensure you're choosing the best agent for the job, it pays to shop around and ask pertinent questions.

You'll need to feel comfortable with whomever you select when selling real estate.

Some Important Features In a Real Estate Agent......

  • Licence: The agent should be appropriately licenced by the state government

  • Experience: Find an agent who has a good knowledge of the method of sale you have chosen (e.g. an auction specialist)

  • Trustworthy: Honesty and trust are key to any good relationship - especially in real estate.  

  • Approachable: You'll need to find an agent who is approachable, by you and prospective buyers.

Don't be afraid to ask for references and referrals, as speaking with past clients can give you an idea of how the agent has performed previously.

Here are some questions you may want to ask an agent when interviewing them:

·         How long have you been a real estate agent?

·         Are you licenced by the relevant state authority?

·         What has your success rate been?

·         Which selling method do you most commonly deal with?

·         Can you provide me with references from past clients you have dealt with?

·         Can you give me examples of some recent successful sales?

·         What type of marketing do you use the most for properties?

·         Can you give me examples of some campaigns you have worked on?

·         How much does it cost to list with you?

·         How much are your commission fees?

·         Which is the best contact method, and when is the best time to get hold of you?

·         How much do you see my property selling for?

·         Do you host open inspections?

·         Will you be working with other agents in your office to sell my home?