Property Management FAQ's

Beginning of a Tenancy

How long does it take for my application to be processed?
At Caboolture Property Management and Sales, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction, therefore we do our best to have your application processed as soon as possible. The maximum time an application will be processing for is   48 hours, unless there is a problem with rental references, or it is a weekend.

Do you accept Centrelink as a form of income?
Yes, as long as you meet the affordability criteria.

How much Bond and Rent Advance do I need to pay before I move in?
We require 4 weeks rent as the bond before you are able to move into the new property and 2 weeks advance within 24 hours of your application being approved.

During the tenancy

What are my obligations as a tenant?
You as a tenant are bound by the Residential Tenancies Authority Act and are obliged to follow instructions from the agency and owner which will be outlined and signed in your Lease Agreement. 

What if I need to report Maintenance?
This will be thoroughly explained to you during your tenancy sign up, however everything must be reported to our office or you may be liable for the cost of the repair.

What if I am late on my rent payment?
If you know you will be late on a rental payment please advise our office prior, otherwise you receive an automated SMS reminding you that you are in rental arrears. You will be reminded daily that your rent payments are late.  If you have not made contact with the property manager within 7 days, legal action will occur. 

Can I have people who are not on the lease move in with me?
No, you may not have any occupants residing at the premises who are over 18+ that are not on the lease. If you would like to add a person to the lease, it is required that you contact the office for further instruction.

What do I do in an emergency?
If the emergency is serious and has a potential to hurt yourself or other residents please dial 000 immediately. If it is a minor emergency, please contact the after hours phone number listed on the tenancy agreement for afterhours assistant.


Ending a Tenancy Agreement

How do I tell the agency I want to leave?
If you are wanting to leave the property, regardless if you are on a fixed or periodical lease you are still bound by the Residential Tenancies Authority Act to supply a form 13 Notice of Intention to Leave with 2 weeks’ minimum notice.  This form can be found on OR ask your property manager to send you one. 

What if I Decided I want to break my lease agreement?
If you decide to break your lease agreement we will require a Form 13 (Please read above). You will also be required to pay a break lease fee, advertising fee, and rent paid until the property has been re-let or to the end of your agreement

What will happen to my bond?
If you have no outstanding expenses or disputes, your bond will be returned to you after the exit report has been completed. If you and the agency don't agree on the bond refund, one will be required to send a Form 4 to the Residential Tenancy Authority and it will then turn into a dispute.