Landlords Information....

Our Team – Attitude is a little thing which makes a big difference, you will find our entire team to be polite and cheerful. It is our culture to embrace any situation, good or bad, take positive action, and remain diplomatic to get the best outcome for you, our client.

Benefits of a One Stop Shop – we offer a very successful full service real estate agency giving you the convenience to buy, sell, rent in one place. For investors when adding or selling from their portfolio, this can save a lot of time with communicating between agencies, documents, keys etc.

For Private Rentals – we will find you a tenant at a cost of a let fee only (1 weeks rents + GST) for your privately owned and rented investment.

Online Agent – we offer a very successful service for our owners to be able to see all the details about their tenants, arrears, statements for free, all at the click of your finger for no extra cost.

No Risk – No Cost to try and Easy to change. We advise your old manager, pick up the documents and keys, it’s all done for you with no fuss.

Simple Fee Structure – Our fees are much lower than average because we do not have to pay franchise fees.

Rent Arrears - are not tolerated at Caboolture Property Management and Sales. We utilise a computer managed SMS reminder system which sends the tenant a reminder at 4 days, getting most issues sorted before they become bigger ones. It is our job to help you as our valued investor, we have our one set fee and

Let Fee - Payable when your property is to be re-rented. You are charged a fee that consists of 1 weeks rent +GST.  No unwanted added costs, or paying for your statements.

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